2014 Easter Balloon ReturnsOn Easter Sunday our church family sent ballons aloft with cards attached, sending the good news of Jesus' resurrection. Three of the cards were found in Pennsylvania and the finders sent us messages by way of the internet. One card was found on May 1 near Weedville PA. The following message was sent to the church. "I found your card while looking for elk sheds. God Bless and thanks!." Melissa F. Another card, one signed by Rev. Howlett was found 5 miles west of Meadville PA. The finder sent the following message: "Thank you for your marvelous message of Jesus's resurrection! God bless you." Jan P. The third card, found in Cochranton PA, was one signed by Amber Green. In the last week of May, another card was found in Meadville, PA. This one, was mailed back to us by Noah W. and was signed by Fredniqua Walker.

Men's DayAs we gather in worship, we believe in the God-vested power that men have, individually and corporately, to change our world, nations, neighborhoods, and homes. And today (this Sunday), we honor men who exhibit integrity, intelligence, and commitment. We appreciate men who have positively affected our lives, teaching us both, to lead and to follow, to be prudent while outwardly maintaining strength and conviction, to be noble and remain humble, to be balanced yet impassioned. These are the men we treasure in our midst. We salute you today (this day). --From The African American Lectionary,2010


WELCOME TO OUR CHURCHThank you for your interest in Euclid Avenue Congregational Church-United Church of Christ. You can use this site as a hub for all things Euclid Avenue! Stay up to date in the NEWS section with the Beacon Newsletter and the latest photostream, or find out which ministries you might like to help out with under SERVICE. Our WORSHIP and ACTIVITIES schedules have up-to-the-minute information regarding worship times and special events as well as bible study, committees, and youth events.And of course, feel free to CONTACT US with questions about membership, pastoral services, and volunteering.Every Sunday at 9:55 AM we gather for our traditional worship service. We are especially excited about The Well Worship Experience, our new contemporary praise & worship service which takes place every Sunday at 12:00 Noon. We hope to worship with you soon. Worship is the best place to grow closer to God and to begin to learn more about our church. I hope to see you soon.Christian Education and Faith Formation Ministry Eleanore Dees (2014)Robyn Nordstrom (2014)Denise Portis (2015)Leona Zimmerman (2015) Alex Edwards (2016) - COM repAl Heartley (2016) - ChairChurch in the World Ministry Viveca Williams (2014)Dave Buckle (2014)Anita Davidson (2015) - ChairKarol Harris (2015)Del Sledge (2016)Eris Dyson (2016) - COM repFellowship and Community Life MinistryPhyllis Graham (2014)Judy Sieck (2014)Djuana Battle (2015) - COM repTammy Cunningham (2015)Tonya Thomas-Harris (2016) - ChairSandy Thomas (2016) Stewardship MinistryDerryl Harris (2014) Juanita LeFloria (2014)Ruby Brooks (2015)Charles Williams (2015) Marsha Woody (2016) - ChairKim St. John Stevenson (2016) - COM repWorship and Arts MinistryTerrance Eady (2014) Noreen Roderick (2014) - COM repDean Sieck (2015) Barbara Watkins (2015)Tony Stevenson (2016)Jacqueline Clifford (2016) - ChairVice ModeratorDerryl HarrisAt Large Members of Council of Ministries Manny RoderickErin Dorsey Archival Committee: Leon BibbCharlene HigginbothamCatherinlu RussellLeona Zimmerman Church ClerkAubrei WatsonFinance/Investment Committee John Baker (2014)Pete Jerabek (2014)Karl Steckmann (2015)In Christ,Rev. Courtney Clayton JenkinsSenior Pastor and Teacher

CHURCH SCHOOLChurch School is Revving up!!! Vroom Vroom...We are excited to begin our church school year here at EACC. Anyone interested in participating (volunteering to assist in a class, volunteering to teach a class) in church school please contact Rev. Danage. For all teachers there will be a teacher training and in-service coming this month. Watch out for the announcement in the bulletin.Here is the Vow of Commitment that the youth made during the service, one the Pastor asked them to keep and re-read through the upcoming months and years:“We, the children and youth of Euclid Avenue Congregational Church, stand before God and the church to recommit our lives to be like Jesus. We want to walk in the light, the beautiful light of Jesus so that we can let our lights shine. Our light is the light of the Lord in us. We pledge to let our light shine daily as we do our best at home, school, church, at work and at play. We will respect others and ourselves. We will practice obedience and discipline in our relationships and our activities, in study and in play. With the Lord as our helper, we will study the Bible and use it as our guide. We thank God for our talents and gifts, for the ability to create, read, think, learn, dream dreams and have visions of greatness. Hallelujah for the goodness, joy and blessings of light. We want to be all that God created us to be. God’s free gift of grace helps us and guides us in our worship and work, and helps us to trust and obey as we serve our Lord. We can make a difference. We pledge to share the Lord with others and bring the light of Jesus to dark places. This is our pledge, from our hearts, to the God we love!”Its all about Focus!I believe the saying “that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” I would like to amend that to say that we tend to FOCUS on what’s important to us. The spiritual growth of our children is something that should be of prime importance/ concern for us as adults, and part of what we should be focusing on.Focus 5 % on what you fear and 95% on the spiritual solutionFocus 5% on the mistake and 95% on learning from itFocus 5% on who to blame and 95% on making sure to healFocus 5% on the conflict and 95% on a win-win resolution